What I do

Who? A librarian with sixteen years of library experience and provider of CIP data to independent publishers since 2002; M.S.L.S. 1996; owner of a small press.

What? Providing high quality CIP data blocks to the independent publishing community at a reasonable price. See an example here.

When? Two weeks maximum turnaround, typically no more than a a few days.

How?  Check out the CIP Service link for details.

How much? $70 per block for returning clients; $85 per block for new

Why?  Because independent publishers deserve good service, high quality, and a reasonable price.

When publishers provide a CIP block on the copyright page of a book, they are helping librarians enter information about the book into the library’s on-line catalog (OPAC). A CIP block includes information like the title, the author, and the subject headings that librarians and library patrons use when looking up the book. Complete and well-chosen subject headings will help library patrons find your book. That’s what I provide.

A CIP block can also put your book on library shelves more quickly. A book with no CIP data often goes on the bottom of the librarian’s to-do pile, sometimes staying there for months.

contact me: adriennebashista@gmail.com