Cip Service

Cataloging in Publication data, or CIP, is information typically found on the verso of the title page of a book (the copyright page). Librarians use this information when entering the book into their online catalogs.

In order for me to provide you with a CIP block, please fill out the following form as completely as possible and submit it via e-mail (copy the form on this page into the body of your e-mail), or print it out and send it to my address (198 Sylvester Rd., Florence, MA 01062) along with a check for $60; or pay via PayPal (see bottom for PayPal button).

With this form, you will also need to submit the following (via e-mail or the post):

  • the title page
  • the verso (the copyright page)
  • back cover copy
  • the first chapter of the book
    (These last 2 requests are so I will know what the book is about. Formatting is not important and it can be a draft. If you have a synopsis or summary that will do as well.)

If you are submitting a work of fiction, instead of the first chapter of the book, you will need to include a one-page synopsis, summarizing the major events and plot points, including setting, main characters and/or their ethnicities (if relevant), geographical location of the book, and any genre information. This synopsis will be used to provide appropriate subject headings.

If submitting a work for children, include the entire text (if a picture book; middle grade and YA require summary information only.) Works for children must also include a synopsis of 25 words or less. This will be exactly copied into the CIP data block, so edit carefully. This synopsis is NOT marketing material and should accurately and succinctly cover the basics.

CIP Data Form:
Title, subtitle, author(s), editor(s), illustrator(s) in the exact order they appear on the title page:
Full name of author(s), illustrator(s), editor(s) and others listed on title page, in this order: last name, first name, middle name, and year of birth:
Has author published any other works? If so, list:
Series title (if any):
Number (if any) of this title in series:
Does the book contain bibliographical references (a bibliography? footnotes? A list of sources?) YES/NO
Does the book contain an Index?  YES/NO
Name of publisher:
Location (city/state) of publisher:
Projected publication date:
Is this a new edition, 1st edition, revised edition, etc. of the book?
If yes, how will it appear on the title page?
Categorize the work: fiction, poetry, juvenile (meaning a book written specifically for children), (auto)biography, textbook, other?
If juvenile, what is the age or grade range?
Lists subject(s) of book, including specific geographic areas and/or time periods, if relevant. This will be converted into the appropriate subject headings. More information is better than less. This is a very important part of the CIP data block.
BISAC Subject headings (for a complete list, click here):

Your Contact Information:
Phone #:

E-mail or snail-mail this form, along with a check for $60 (or pay me via paypal via button below), to:
Adrienne Bashista
198 Sylvester Rd.
Florence, MA 01062

Turnaround time varies, but should be no more than two weeks and is typically only a few days. I do not charge rush charges. CIP data will be e-mailed to you unless you indicate otherwise.  If, for any reason, you are dissatisfied, please contact me and I will make every effort to resolve the problem.