“Adrienne is outstanding at what she does. The quality of the CIP is top-notch and the best part is a toss up between how quickly she gets it to you and the very affordable price!”

Denise Wynn, President of Armory Publishing Group, LLC. www.armorypublishing.com

“I was referred to CIPblock.com when I began working with an independent Los Angeles publisher in 2012, and we still use Adrienne for our cataloging needs. Always quick to respond, she’s friendly, efficient, and the turnaround is unbeatable. I would recommend her services to anyone in the industry.”

Alice Elmer, Rare Bird Books

As an indie publisher, I am big on DIY, so I tried to write my own CIP block. I read through many dense documents on the Library of Congress website, made a stab at it and realized I needed help. I hesitated to try this service, but once I did, I was hooked. Adrienne is a professional, up-to-date on formats, and fast. Once, a distributor questioned the CIP data. Immediately, I sent Adrienne an email and she answered back quickly. That kind of support is a big help when dealing with librarians and distributors.

Darcy Pattison, Mims House